So Heres Everything I got <3 Bunch of lovely people. :3 
Picture one;
 Alpacasso ^u^
Picture two;
Big Bang Poster
Lollipop Necklace
Riceball Pin
Bottled Ramune
Green Tea Kitkats (yummy!) 
Mint Pocky (VERY YUMMY)
 Picture Three;
Apple Jack Pin
Zelda Pin
Link Pin
Rainbow Dash pin
Pinkie Pie Pin
Zuko Pin 
Captain America Pin
Psy Pin (my favorite)

Picture Four;
Soot Ball Hair clip
Soot Ball Ring
Rose Ring
"Baby Butts" Ring
Korilakkuma ring
Sprinkles Ring
Bow Ring

Picture five; 
Rainbow Dash Shirt
Pinkie Pie Shirt

Picture Six;
 Zuko Print
Fluffy Star Clip/Bracelet (my friend got from Acon but I thought I would include it)
fluffy Brooch (Also my friend got from Acon)
Barbie doll part earrings (LOVE)
Steam Punk glasses
Bunny Plushie 
Navi Hair Clip 
I had alot of fun there I met so many sweet people! ^D ^

Heres some shops I got cards too, SUPER CUTE:
Shojo Monsta ( Shes a sweetheart!): Etsy | Store Envy (wigs) 
Mochi Mochi (didnt get to buy from her but CUTE stuff) : Etsy
Striped Doll (cute plushies ; o ;) : Etsy
PiinkStrawberii (Im not sure if she sells online.. ): Facebook

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